Hostess Rewards

Party Retail Sales

You receive this % of Sales

in Product

You can purchase this many

products at 25% off

$1,000 and above

Plus 2 or more bookings

20%  = $200+4

$1000 and above

Plus 0-1 booking

15% =$150+3

$500 to $999

Plus 2 or more bookings

15%= $753

$500 to $999

Plus 0-1 booking

10% =$50+2
#300 to $49925% off one item for each 100 in Sales0

It's Fun & Easy to Host a Jewelry Party!

-Choose your location and reserve a date.

-Create your guest list. Keep in mind that it’s always a good idea to “over-invite” as a 30% cancellation rate is generally the norm for party attendance.   

-Send out your invitations. I will supply you with an invitation to send out to your guests. A crowded room creates a nice buzz and makes a  fun the party for your guests and more Hostess Rewards are for you!  

-Plan Your Room Set-up. I have plenty of jewelry  to fill your dining room table, living room or  family room. Light refreshments are welcome.

Let Us Bring the Party to You!

Vintage Jewelry, Modern Style